5 Activities to Make Your Indoor Pizza Party Extra Special

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Press

Hosting a home party is one of the best and most fun things you can do. It is a surefire way to keep everyone safe while ensuring great bonding moments together. When it comes to making sure your home party is fun, there is only one solution: make it a pizza party, and everyone will have a great time. But if you are looking for more indoor activities to spruce up your party, here are some suggestions for you: 

Indoor Pizza Party Activities to Explore

Activity 1: Have Fun Painting

Painting is an excellent activity for both children and adults. It is a simple way to express emotions and convey their ideas through creativity. It is also a fun exercise for children to explore colors and experience the process of creation. All you need is to collect lots of scrap paper, paints, brushes, and canvases to paint on. You can help each other and conduct a little show and tell activity later.

Activity 2: Make a DIY Photo Booth 

Taking photos is an activity that everyone enjoys. It also allows you to commemorate a special moment in your life, so why not create a photo booth that everyone would fancy having? Letting the whole gang help create the backdrop and the props would even make the project extra special. Place it in one corner, and you would have hundreds of memories to keep forever. 

If you can, consider placing an on-the-spot printing service so your family or guests can take home their photo remembrance. 

Activity 3: Make a Backyard Game Tournament

If you have enough space in your backyard, you should try playing classic games, such as the bean bag toss, badminton, and ladder golf. If you are dealing with kids, this is an activity that they would surely enjoy. Give out prizes to the winners while the rest of the players enjoy munching on their favorite pizza. A win-win situation, right?

Activity 4: Create Your Home Theater

If your home party guests do not prefer a sweating activity, this option would be perfect for them. Having a home theater where everyone can enjoy a quiet time watching a fantastic movie does not disappoint, most especially if their favorite pizza or popcorn is served. The most fun thing about this activity is that the whole family or group of friends can watch as many movies as they would like.

Activity 5: Have a Pool? Host a Pool Party

If your house has a pool, this should be a top-of-mind activity for you, especially during summertime. You can have fun pool games to keep everyone entertained the entire time. Pizza is also the best food to enjoy during this time, especially if partnered with cold, classic fruit juice that would quench everyone’s thirst. Just make sure that a skilled swimmer watches over the kids as they enjoy a good time playing with water.


All these awesome indoor party ideas are great for celebrating birthdays, events, or even just a typical day. A pizza party does not depend on any celebration. As long as your loved ones surround you and you have your favorite pizza, every day can be a fantastic pizza party. If you want to change an ordinary day to an amazing one, you can always do so by enjoying our suggested activities in this article. 

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