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About Us

Joe’s Rotisseria

Joe’s Rotisseria was opened in 2015 with the plan to sell great pizza with a unique edge and spirit. The pizzeria was set up in Roselle Park so that it could be part of a community where everyone knows everyone else. We’re proud to be able to deliver a great menu to the locals right here and love meeting tourists too! With personalized food options always available, we know you won’t find our pizzas anywhere else in the world.

From our menu, you can get incredible completely fresh options including a taco pie, cauliflower crust pie, cheese steak pie and many more. We can provide you with a lot more than pizzas too. You must try Joe’s own glazed donut bacon cheeseburger, it’s sure to go down a treat. Or, there’s our signature garlic bread that we bet will beat any other you’ve ever tasted.

Awards and Recognition

Featured On

We’ve won awards for our pizzas all over the US including in America’s playground, Las Vegas. That’s right at the World Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, we came 17th in the world for non-traditional. Las Vegas was a blast and Joe was thrilled to be chosen out of a competition that included hundreds of chefs from around the globe. 

As well as this in June 2016, we were chosen by the Roselle Park governing body as the Business of the Month and for ‘Roselle Park’s Best Pizza around’ contest too!

You can keep up to date with all the updates from the Pizzeria or follow the chef himself on Instagram.

One of the videos that started it all The Triple Threat – Garlic Knot, Calzone, and Pizza all in one featured on Thrillist.

In 2019 we entered in the International World Pizza Expo and took 17th Place – Non-Traditional Pie in the world. We are proud of that and it is all thanks to you.


We have been featured on Fork Yeah multiple times for our triple threat and most recently, the Cuban Sandwich triple threat. Pickles and mustard on a pizza? Yup we did it.




Quality is the key. It is what makes our pizza taste the way it does. Every meal you order from us is made from the best produce, meat, or poultry and seasoned to perfection. 


We love to push the limits. Constantly making new creations is what we love. We will do anything to make some of our exotic eats that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Being Part of the Community

There is a reason why everyone always hangs out in the kitchen at gatherings. That is where the good conversations are. We love being a part of that in Roselle and Asbury Park. 


Our Mission

We make pizza fun. Creating unique elite eats with premium flavor in a fun setting. That is what we aim to do.

Joe Brignoni

Meet the Chef

Who is Joe?

Joe Brignoni is the man behind the unique pizza creations available from Joe’s Rotisseria. Joe has never shied away from good old fashioned hard work. In high school, while excelling in wrestling and baseball, he also had an entrepreneurial spirit, regularly cut lawns and shoveled snow. Of course, Joe has always had a flair for food. He knew he wanted to be a chef by 12 and has always been inspired by the Food Network. He’s still amazed that his food has now been showcased on their channel! 

After he left school behind, Joe began to develop his passion for unique food at Disney’s culinary program in Florida. Here he learned from celeb chef Geoffrey Zakarian, famed for his offerings at the international food festival. While Joe immediately saw his colleagues working at national Steakhouses after graduation, he quickly found he wanted more creative freedom. 

He noticed that many of his colleagues weren’t able to make what they wanted. This was never going to be the right career path for him. At 21 Joe bought the restaurant he owns today with the ambition to take on the world with one pizza at a time. 

Today, Joe works ten to twelve hour days and is constantly looking for ways to improve or offer customers of his business more. He’s passionate about the Joe’s Rotsseria’s space in the community and is proud to be part of the eatery offerings in Roselle Park.

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