Got Some Leftover Pizza: Try These 3 Recipes Out

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Press

While there are different kinds of food that are best served fresh, there are a select few which bear the special distinction of being even more delicious as leftovers. One particular dish that belongs to this unique family is the ever-beloved pizza.

Although some culinary “experts” will argue that a cold, day-old pie is as good as none at all, the truth is that leftover pizza isn’t a modern food icon of pop culture for no reason. Whether you have a Pepperoni deluxe at least once a week or have a few slices every few months or so, there’s no doubt that a leftover feast is never complete if a pie isn’t in the picture. 

After having some leftover pizza for a while now, you’ll probably begin to feel a bit bored of the simple heat-and-eat process that you always do. At one point or another, in fact, you’ll end up thinking about one question once you start looking at your stack of leftover slices: “what else can I do with my leftover pizza?” 

A few creative recipes to try

True to its creative nature, the average leftover pizza bears an abundance of potential to be reinterpreted in all sorts of ways that go far beyond merely heating things up and calling it a day. Even though you might not necessarily be a culinary savant or a trained master chef, it is very much possible to get creative with a few cold slices of your favorite pie with minimal preparation. 

Here are a few recipes you can try out:

Pizza lasagna

As unorthodox as it may sound, leftover pizza lasagna is that one recipe that you can’t knock until you try it. In fact, you’ll probably never want to eat a pie any other way again once you make your first batch!

Despite its seemingly-sacrilegious nature, a pizza lasagna is definitely a textural and flavor-packed marvel that you’ll thank yourself for making. By simply layering some thin-crust slices of pizza into your lasagna and baking both dishes into one another with your oven for 15 or so minutes, you’ll have a memorable dinner or snack that you can share!

Salad croutons

Admittedly, cutting up a pizza into croutons might seem like a culinary oxymoron at first, as you’ll be combining healthy and unhealthy dishes—but the truth is that doing so can help you enjoy your salad more at a minimal calorie cost.

To spice things up, all you’ll really need to do is get a single (and an emphasis on SINGLE) or half a slice of pizza and cut it up into little bite-sized pieces. Once you cut things up, bake your little pizza bits for five to ten minutes on medium heat and take them out to cool on a pan before you mix them with your salad. After the cooling process, toss everything into your salad for a whole lot more flavor in every bite!

Chinese take-out deluxe roll-ups

If you had a rather culinarily-diverse party at home and have more than just pizza in your fridge, then get ready for a new way to enjoy pizza if you’ve got some Chinese take-out lying around!

To make the Chinese take-out deluxe roll-up, all you’ll need is some Chinese take-out, your leftover pizza slices, and some grated cheese. Start the process by sprinkling or distributing some of your take-out food all over the pizza slice and sprinkle your grated cheese evenly on the surface. Once everything’s nicely prepped and in order, roll up your slice and bake it on medium-high heat for eight for ten minutes!


When it comes to enjoying leftover pizza, it’s best to understand that there’s a whole lot more to the dish than simply heating everything up, taking a bite, and doing the same thing with the next batch of pizza. If you want to make your next fridge-cold pie even more delicious and special, to the point where you’d prefer to have a leftover pizza over a regular one, then the three recipes mentioned above are well worth a try! 

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