Project Pie – How Joe’s Rotisseria Is Taking on the World

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Press

There is no doubt that everyone loves pizza, but nothing screams “damn good pies” like the New York Metropolitan area. While New York City is known for plenty of incredible pizza joints, you’ll find equally tasty and premium-quality dishes in Roselle Park, New Jersey. There is so much to love about these two states’ culinary scenes, which makes the experience that much better. 

Along Westfield Avenue, you’ll be drawn to an incredible scent of garlic greatness, among other pleasantly welcoming aromas. If you follow the hungry lunch crowds, you’ll likely find yourself in Joe’s Rotisseria. While the traditional name of Joe is heavily paired with the term “average joe,” or a traditional name, nothing about Joe’s Rotisseria in Roselle Park comes close to that. 

Joe’s Rotisseria’s Dominance

Since 2015, the pizzas coming out of our ovens have been non-stop. With a menu with plenty to love, there is definitely a pie that anyone will love to take home for dinner. Behind the counter is our beloved proprietor, wearing the same chef’s coat stained with flour from making tons of pizzas to fill the stomachs of hungry Jersey-goers. 

With a starting budget of over $30,000, our founder Joe Brignoni withdrew this from his bank account at 21 years old and invested in a pizza shop that he found on Craigslist. He set up shop with big dreams to provide the best pizza that people have ever tasted. In the past five years, Joe’s Rotisseria in Roselle Park is a destination for the soul that craves a unique culinary experience. 

Not many owners would dare to pair two entrees or more on a plate to like his shrimp scampi, vodka lasagna, and mac and cheese pies. However, Joe’s drive to be different pushed him to take these risks, and people definitely love what comes out of his ovens. He even has his Triple Threat, which is part pizza, part calzone, and with a mixture of excellent garlic knots. If that doesn’t bring you great flavor and comfort food, what else can?

The World Pizza Expo and Humble Beginnings

Pizza is a lifestyle for some chefs, and this is evident in Joe Brignoni’s love for his restaurant and all the things that he creates. In his mid-20s, he managed to bag the 17th spot in the World Pizza Expo in Las Vegas for the non-traditional category. A kid with big dreams securing a position in the Top 20s in a pool of hundreds of chefs from all over the world speaks volumes about Joe’s incredible talent for crafting fantastic pies. 

Joe’s Rotisseria continues to create custom pizzas for its valued customers, and for Joe his humble beginnings never left his head despite growing to the level he is at now. The restaurants  initial days were tough, as no one really strayed far away from their favorite joints to try out a new place around the block. However, it all changed when a popular food blogger decided to try his pizza and loved the whole kick of flavors. Overnight, our pizza place swelled to increase by 1,000 followers on social media, with everyone talking about Joe’s Rotisseria in Roselle Park. 

The man in the chef’s coat’s vibrant energy and polite nature keeps people coming back. He puts in roughly 12 hours of work a day but still manages to greet each customer that sets foot in his restaurant and strike up a quick conversation. Small business owners can definitely learn from Joe, as this comfortable engagement makes them love coming back to the welcoming arms of this pizza joint of humble beginnings. 

Joe and His Love for Food

After high school, Joe learned more about his passion for the culinary arts in Disney’s program in Florida. Studying under celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian, he learned plenty but knew that his entrepreneurial roots would be stunted if he continued school. Seeing all his colleagues unhappy with their direction in life, Joe wanted something different. With love for pizza and his ambitious nature, he set out to make the best pizza the world has ever seen, one pie at a time. 


Joe’s Rotisseria is a story that shows that following your passions and mixing them with never losing sight of your dreams is what drives success. Joe’s daily work in his chef’s coat is extremely dedicated, and he continually provides his customers with some of the best pizzas that the United States has ever seen. If you have yet to taste this humble pizza shop’s pies, you, my friend, are missing out!

Joe’s Rotisseria in Roselle Park is the original store of the renowned New Jersey chef Joe Brignoni. With an entire menu of masterfully crafted pies and other incredible items, the journey your taste buds will be taking are going to be grand. Visit us to get a slice of New Jersey’s favorite pizza!


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