Real and Spicy Secrets of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos: The Untold Truth

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Press

In the past, consumers thought that they might’ve seen it all — potato chips, pretzels, and crunchy corn puffs — all of these were innovative enough and hard to beat. However, salty, crunchy, and addicting chips weren’t enough for some people. So someone invented a bag of chips that, until today, everyone loves — and that’s a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. 

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos was invented by a man determined to create a deliciously cheesy snack that everyone will enjoy. With his determination, he was able to add the Cheetos family to the fantastic line of products of Frito-Lay. In fact, it’s so good that it has grown to be one of the most popular and favored products of the line.

Every year, the Cheetos — plain or hot — has continued to grow in popularity with no end in sight since it makes over a billion dollars yearly in the US alone. Because it is loved by so many, it has inspired various fashion trends, restaurant dishes, and more. But what makes this fiery, orange snack so good?

In this article, we’re putting Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the hot seat. We’ll share with you reasons it’s so good and popular. Sit tight because the facts may surprise you!

The True Inventor of Cheetos

The heartwarming story of how Flamin’ Hot Cheetos came to be begins with Richard Montañez. Montañez was a janitor at a Frito-Lays plant and has always been interested in the business industry. 

This curiosity was fueled even more after a company-wide message from the CEO encouraging employees to act as the owner of the company, making you feel personally invested in the success and growth of the business. This inspiring speech pushed Montañez to take a huge leap and think outside of the box. 

One day, a machine ejected a batch of unseasoned Cheetos, and Montañez took this as an opportunity to experiment. One of the first things he noticed was there were no spicy flavors, pushing him to sprinkle spices and chili powder to make it hot and spicy. After taking a bite, he called the CEO and was impressed by Montañez’s efforts, prompting him to set up a meeting for Montañez to pitch his invention. 

After the meeting, the CEO loved the concept, and within six months, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos began R&D and tests. And in 1992, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos was released, and until today Montañez is still part of the company and is currently the VP of multicultural sales for PepsiCo. 

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Is Really Addictive

Everyone can agree that Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is incredibly addictive, and more people just want to munch on it whenever they can. For this reason, some chefs experiment with Cheetos’ unique flavors and even incorporate them in some of their dishes.

A great example would be Joe’s Rotisseria’s Hot Cheetos Triple Threat, which is a game-changing pizza with Cheetos dusted calzones, BBQ chicken chipotle, and crazy Margherita all in one pie. 

But why do people love Cheetos so much? It’s because of the chemical makeup of Cheetos that tricks the brain into wanting more. A factor could be its unique, puffy, melt-in-your-mouth composition, introducing your tongue to a “vanishing” phenomenon. 

Another reason could be its ingredients since it includes sugar, salt, and fat — all of which maximize the opiate release when you eat them, making you crave more. 

Final Thought: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Will Remain the Supreme Red Hot Chips in the Market for a Long Time

The humbling story of how Cheetos came to be is one reason many people love the product. It was invented by someone who knew what consumers wanted and translated that through a bag of chips. 

If you’re finding ways to enjoy Cheetos in different styles and dishes, consider trying Joe’s Rotisseria’s Hot Cheetos Triple Threat for that beautiful marriage of savory flavors, glorious colors, and the needed cheesy crunch!

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