Why Everyday Should Be Pizza Day

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Press

The world operates in fast-changing schedules, making it more and more difficult to keep up. You likely come home tired, with deadlines yet to finish and chores to take care of. Going to the kitchen to cook something filling isn’t the most ideal, especially after a long day. Fortunately, places like Joe’s Rotisseria are readily available to head your hunger calls, offering you a beloved cuisine celebrated by many—pizza. 

When it comes to addressing your hunger pangs, it’s best to ditch the options of driving through another fast-food chain. You’ll want the tastier and more filling option, which is exactly what a pizza can offer you. 

Having one delivered to your home offers you not just unparalleled convenience, but the option to treat yourself to something good after all that work. You’ll also be saved from the hassle of preparation and cooking, along with cleaning up after dinner. 

Pizza simply offers you life’s greatest moments, all rolled into one circular dish of bliss. Here’s why you should make every day a pizza day:

Reason #1: You do not want to slave away in the kitchen 

You’re likely riddled with an endless to-do list, spanning from running errands, caring for the kids, career blues, and even self-care. Making sure you accomplish everything can quickly drain you, leading to an exhausting evening you only want to relax in. 

Trying to think of something to cook can make things even worse, but having the option to order pizza dispels the dread away.  You simply need to pick up your phone and order, and get something as scrumptious and filling as The Triple Threat

Reason #2: Pizza can be eaten regardless of the time of the day 

The best thing about pizza is that they’re endless. You can opt to throw in whatever toppings you wish, and still end up with a blast of flavors you’d be willing to purchase every single day. You can have them made with some spinach and tomatoes for breakfast, while an all-meat pie can be best for lunch.

For the best dinner possible, spreading some Nutella on that dough can leave you with a dessert pizza, one where your kids will thank you for years. If you’re looking to get a little more creative, however, Joe’s Cheddar Pizza Waffle is the best option. That’s all three meals integrated into one pie!

Reason #3: You need leftovers for tomorrow’s morning fuel 

As previously mentioned, pizza can be enjoyed no matter the time of the day. More importantly, it can be enjoyed in various ways and states! Most people enjoy eating leftover pizzas in the morning, still cold to the touch from the fridge. 

It can also be reheated in your oven, but the best part is that its taste and quality remain the same—making it the perfect no-fuss breakfast meal! To make sure you’re blessed with some leftovers, the Connect 4: Four Calzones Connected by Pizza is the one for you!

The Bottom Line 

Any day is good for a quick order of pizza, but it can also be a routine you can pick up for long and exhausting days. No matter the reason or occasion, you deserve an entire pizza to enjoy! Just make sure to order more than necessary—in doing so, you’ll have more to eat the next morning!

For the best pizza in New Jersey and surrounding areas, Joe’s Rotisseria has you covered. We offer you unique food creations you simply won’t find anywhere else, along with the best possible pizza to fuel your days. Order now!


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